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The months of May through October make up the active season formosquito‘s.  The highly trained staff at Mosquito General visits your home or commercial property on a monthly basis. Each month, a barrier spray will be applied in an efficient and timely manner.  This barrier spray treatment is close to 100% effective and eliminates any chance of mosquito‘s getting even close to your property.  Our routine sprays target areas where you spend most of your time.  After you meet with a trained Mosquito Generalstaff member, we will get a sense of where to focus the barrier spray.  Whether it be the floor, the pool area, around a swing set, or simply the entire building, Mosquito General has you covered!

Why prevent mosquitoes?  From diseases to viruses, mosquitoes can become a detriment to you or a loved one’s health if not prevented.  Preventing mosquito bites is the key to living a happy, bite-free life. Mosquito General’s unique barrier spray can help prevent mosquitoes from coming near your house or commercial space.  This unique spray does not only prevent mosquitoes, but also other pests, such as ticks, fleas, and other biting insects.  Live pest free all season long with Mosquito General’s monthly barrier spray program.

The spray process is efficient and cost effective.  It takes about 20 minutes to spray the desired property.  The spray is pet and kid friendly, not to mention invisible and odorless.  The spray dries within 30 minutes and then it’s back to living mosquito free!