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Growing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquito repellent plants are an effective natural solution to control mosquitoes getting to your yard or house. These plants produce some scents which these small creatures do not like. They also work by masking the human scents that mosquitoes use to locate us. The mosquitoes will keep off anywhere near these plants. Most of these plants are attractive as well. For people unwilling to try out commercial repellents, this is one of the alternatives one can try. These plants are easy to grow but may require constant attention to keep them producing the right amounts of fragrance that will keep mosquitoes at bay. Let’s now look at some of the most widely used plants and how to grow and take care of them.


Citronella is the most common ingredient used in the formulation of mosquito repellents. It has a strong smell which masks mosquito attractants. This makes it difficult for mosquitoes to locate us or our pets. Citronella is a type of clumping grass which grows to around 5 feet tall. It can be planted in raised ground or large pots. It does well in good drainage conditions. In winter, it can be moved indoors to prevent frost. If you plant it in pots, you can move it to doorways or entry points to prevent mosquitoes from accessing your home.

This plant is considered low maintenance. You can buy seeds which you’ll then plant or as small plants which are ready to be transplanted into the garden or a pot. Once the citronella plants have established, it can be easily propagated by splitting the larger clumps into smaller sections and replanting them in new locations.


This plant is also known as Horsemint. It works in the same way as Citronella and is equally effective. It masks the mosquito attractants, confusing these creatures from locating us. Horsemint is a hardy plant which is drought resistant and gets to a height of around 3 feet. It does well in sandy soils and can survive in salty conditions. It is common to find in the coastal areas.


Marigold is an attractive plant containing pyrethrum which is a natural insect repellent. Marigold has an offensive smell to insects and even to some people. However, it is very effective in controlling not just mosquitoes but even other insects from coming to your yard. This is a hardy annual plant best suited for larger gardens. They do well in full sunlight and fertile soils. You can plant marigolds from seeds or starter plants. You need to thin plants often and dead flowers to encourage blooming.

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