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How to Control Mosquitoes Indoors

Mosquitoes are not only found outdoors but can also be found and bred indoors. Especially during winter, mosquitoes love the indoors and can bother people living in the home. They can also pose a great health risk to the people and pets living in the home.

Mosquitoes breed in water. Female mosquitoes draw blood from humans or animals to feed the eggs. They then hatch these eggs in a pool of water. The eggs will spend their first ten days in water. So if there is any standing water in your home for around ten days, it will be enough for these mosquitoes to hatch and grow. During colder months, mosquitoes are likely to hibernate and one of the places they’ll seek refuge is your home. For those that don’t manage to get into our homes, they have been observed to hibernate in small caves in the ground waiting for warmer weather.

House plants

House plants are one area where mosquitoes are likely to breed. The water in the trays can last more than two weeks. Check out for mosquito larvae which will appear as wigglers.

Plumbing problems

If a plumbing problem exists in your house, there is a likelihood that some mosquitoes will breed there. If you have noticed any mosquito activity, you should inspect all your plumbing to check if there is any leakage.

Trash can

The trash can serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Water can collect at the base of the trash can, and these pesky creatures will find this water and lay eggs. Always leave the trash can lid closed and empty it regularly.

Pet water Dishes

If left unattended several days, pet water dishes can lead to mosquito breeding in your home. Make sure you change the water daily and if leaving the house empty the dish.

Rain gutters

These are favorite mosquito breeding areas. Have them checked regularly as any mosquito breeding here will surely find their way into the house.

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