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When it comes to pest control, there are three main options available for a company of our size – biological control, pesticides, and harmless chemicals.

1.      Biological Control

Biological pest control refers to the use of natural enemies to control pests. For instance, certain predatory insects and mites are widely used to control pests. A section of scientists have also advanced the use of infections and fatal bacteria to biologically eradicate tests. It happens that biological controls tend to be highly effective and are being aggressively proposed as an alternative to pesticides.

2.      Pesticides

Despite immense progress in biological pest control options, pesticides are still widely used. There are tons of pesticides that are available in the market. Most homeowners who are combating pests such as mosquitoes, rodents, ticks, etc prefer to purchase pesticides from supermarkets, local or online scores as their primary option. Pesticides contain chemicals that harm and mostly kill bugs. There is a massive variety of pesticides available for all types of pests. Some people have raised ethical questions over using these agents as a way of controlling pests.

3.      Harmless Agents

This is the middle-ground option when it comes to the control of mosquitoes and other pests. Harmless chemical agents will eradicate pests without counting on biological enemies, and without leveraging the harmful chemicals found in pesticides. A good example of this is the electromagnetic pest control trap that is often used to repel all types of pests mostly in residential settings. This is a special gadget that emits electromagnetic waves when connected to a power outlet. These waves interfere with the biological makeup of bugs (including mosquitoes, rodents, cockroaches, etc), thus scaring them away from the immediate vicinity. The product is designed in such a way that the spectrum of electromagnetic waves it releases is too small to affect pets and kids. There are other innovative pest control methods that fall under this category.

What we Use

At Mosquito General, we focus on effective mosquito control solutions that will get results for the long haul. Our most prominent pest control agent is Stihl mister. This is a basically a leaf blower with a tank and liquid chemical on top. Some of our employees also refer to it as Mosquito blower. We leverage either pesticide agents or Eco via (all natural, no pesticide) to treat mosquitoes. The specific solution to use is determined by our professionals after considering various factors, such as the location and intensity of the mosquitoes.