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10 Jan 17

How to Control Mosquitoes Indoors

Mosquitoes are not only found outdoors but can also be found and bred indoors. Especially during winter, mosquitoes love the indoors and can bother people living in the home. They can also pose a great health risk to the people…

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06 Jan 17

Growing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquito repellent plants are an effective natural solution to control mosquitoes getting to your yard or house. These plants produce some scents which these small creatures do not like. They also work by masking the human scents that mosquitoes use…

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01 Nov 16

Facts About Mosquitoes

To control mosquitoes effectively, it is important to learn a few facts about them. Mosquitoes are flying insects. They have long thin legs and a pair of wings. Their head has a long proboscis which is what they use to…

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